Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Design Features ! !

The Background of the homepage of does not interrupt the text.Not just that, the text of the web site is not too big and perfectly clear to view. The collumns of text in in website are narrower than in a book, so it make us easier to reading on the screen.

The navigation buttons and bars in the web site is clearly seen on the homepage of and it is easy to understand and use it. The navigation bars is consistent throughout the web site because almost web pages have navigation bars. Besides that, the also has their own site map which display on the bottom of home page. The also consists of frames which are not obstrusive.

The colors of the links are coordinate with page colors. The links also are underlined , so they are instantly clear for visitor to see them.

This is the screenshot of Homepage of

Graphics and backgrounds of the web site are using browser-safe colors such as white color.

General Design:
The pages of are download quickly. It also making good use of graphic elements to break up large areas of text such as photos. Besides that, every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the AirAsia because there are some repetitive elements that carry throughout the pages such as bookings or airflight info.

Key Elements of Market-Oriented Web Pages ( The 7Cs )

Context :
The context of is hybrid design. The hybrid design combines both aesthetics and functional dimensions.

i) Functional
It has 3 critical factors in the layout of the functional oriented site. The first factor is section breakdown because the way that the site is organized into subcomponents. It also essential in providing customers with coherent, easy to understand navigation choices such as flight info or booking info. The second factor is linking structure which the alternative sections of the site are linked and is the way visitors experience the site’s information architecture. It enables users to move easily back and front between sectors of the site and quickly find what they want. The last factor in the layout of the functional oriented site is navigation tools. It facilitate the movement of each user throughout the site such as the search engine.

ii) Aesthetics :
The pictures of the site attracting visitors and it encourage visitors to slow down and contemplate each of it and providing a customer experience sharply different than what would be encountered at another functionally dominate site. The site also has completely consistent in the use of color palette and graceful navigation.

The content refers to any digital information included on a website. ‘No admin fee pay only fare + airport tax’ which is the message of the digital subject matter of the site and the site also includes some digital subject matter such as graphics and text. The dimension of content of is offering mix and appeal mix. The offering mix is the content of the site can include services , products and information. Appeal mix refers to the promotional and communications messaging projected by the company and the type of appeals of using is cognitive type which mean it focus on the functional aspects of the offering such as low price , customer support and reliability.

Community is a set of interwoven relationships built upon shared interests and it build closer relationships between consumer and firm, and between consumer and consumer. Not all sites should offer community functionality. is the example of it.

Customisation :
Customisation is a site’s ability to modify itself to – or be modified by – each user.

i) Personalisation
The use the personalisation method which is the customization initiated and managed by the user . It allow users to specify their preferences in content selection , context selection and personalized tools such as member’s login registration .

Tailoring is based on past user behaviour or other users with similar preferences. For example , the price of the fare are always adjusted dynamically.

Communication :

Communication refers to the dialogue between the website and its user.

- Broadcast:
Broadcast is one way information exchange from organization to user. For an example, the content of the site update notification or e-mail newsletter.

Connection is the degree to which a given site is able to link to other sites through a hypertext jump , or hyperlink , from on webpage to another by clicking it.

i) Links to sites
It take the user completely outside the homesite and into a third-party site such as Amazing AirAsia.

ii) Homesite Background
It take the user to a thir-party site, but the homesite is noticeable in the background.

Commerce :
Commerce is a transactional capacity of a site which is the sale of goods, products, or services on the site which is along with payment options , checkout and order-confirmation functionality.

i) Registration
User registration allows a site to store credit card information and preferences.

ii) Credit Card Approval
Sites can have the ability to receive instant credit approval for credit card purchases through electronic links to credit card clearance houses

iii) Security
The sites attempt to guarantee security of transactions and related data through encryption and authentication technologies so that customer’s information will be more secured.

Reasons to make a return visit to

i) Checking the fare
The price of the fare will be different everyday and the promotion too. We have to make a return visit to the web site so we can make some cheaper bookings.

ii) Checking New Route of Flight
There is some new route of flight of AirAsia nowadays. Making a return visit to can let us know more about new route of flight.

iii) Online Booking provide online booking airline ticket service which can let customer more convenient. It also save cost and time too.

iv) Checking for the promotion
Sometimes AirAsia provicde free flight services which maybe occur 1 time each year. Customers can make a return visit to the web site and check for it.